Aluminium scale dress

Once More into the Frey!

A discovery of art and exploration in design…

I am happy to have re-kindled my enthusiasm for designing & creating costumes, which has been a latent passion of mine for many years. The recent fuel for this fire was the discovery of wearable art in show-stopping form at the World of Wearable Art Award Show, celebrated annually in Wellington, New Zealand. It is a truly excellent show and if you ever get a chance to go, take it!

It has encouraged me to jump in at the deep end – designing and creating garments to enter into the show, with some success, find out more about my discovery of wearable art.

Currently, I am exploring different materials, looking into costume design and historical garments from both fashion & theatre. I hope to include some snippets of my inspirations in future posts for your viewing pleasure. At the moment, I am being guided by what I am drawn to and discovering where it may lead.

I have been entering the WOW Awards Show for the last few years and am enjoying planning my entry for next year, trying to limit myself to one design only. Like I said, I love it! If you’ve never seen the show, put it on your bucket list and get to it soon.

The World of Wearable Art Show season is on every year in Wellington, New Zealand from mid September to early October. It is always a spectacular feast of entertainment, so it is certainly something not to be missed.

Here’s a taste of some previous WOW moments to get you in the mood…

As well as an interest in costume creation and design I do have a (bordering on unhealthy) appreciation of cake eating and cake sculpture which I am happy to share with you :-)