Copper chandelier corset

Incandecadence, by Jenni Carlton

Opulent French style with a little indulgent fun

Materials - Copper & fabric

WOW Finalist 2016, Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section

Design Inspiration

I love a decadent chandelier, especially ones that taper in at the centre providing a waist-shaped area of confinement to hold all the elegant ornate work in place. Those have often reminded me of the curves of the female form. I loved the idea of putting that form in the chandelier, almost like she was hiding there all the time, radiating her dazzling opulence. Perhaps, at a truly decadent ball she may grace you with her illuminating presence and come down to revel in the frivolities.

Garment story

Making this garment was a fascinating exploration into many different areas, from plumber's techniques for copper pipe work, through blacksmith’s techniques for bending and forming metal, printmakers techniques of etching solutions & resists, stamp makers requirements for how to get the delicately drawn repeating design reduced to fit a flexible stamp to go around the thin pipe, jeweller’s techniques for accelerating the oxidization process to create a rich antique patina, corset maker’s techniques to build the underlying structure that would be robust enough to hold so many sections of copper in the right places whilst being kind to the wearer, all to create a multilayered creation that appears that it has been around for many years. It was a fabulous journey of discovery!

Photo credit –  World of Wearable Art Show