Spirit of the Tree

Silk and mache dryad costume

Spirit of the Tree, by Jenni Carlton

Legend says that an Oak dryad can take human or tree form. Depicted here between two worlds, showing we are more connected than we realise.

Materials - Oak dyed silk, mesh & papier mache

WOW Finalist 2013, Weta Workshop Costume & Film Section

Design Inspiration

Inspired by nature and mythology. On the cusp of her world and ours this ethereal tree spirit appears before you in part tree and part human form. Naked and beautiful, reminiscent of Lady Godiva, she too is in protest, imploring you to take a stand and save our forests.

I have learned so much making this piece from how to dye fabrics with natural resources to growing young oak trees. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience that has brought me closer to nature and enabled me to share something so close to my heart.  The trees breathe out and we breathe in, it is simple yet magical, and a world without them is not our world.

Photo credit –  World of Wearable Art Show