Wearable Art

It is only recently that I have discovered wearable art, but it has been around for some time. I believe it to be born of the idea that we do not need to adorn ourselves with just pretty or practical attire, but what we wear can make a statement in itself; an art form for the body. This concept has grown and evolved over time and some of the outstanding creations designers and artists are coming out with now can really blow the mind! Where any material is acceptable as long as it can fit on the body in some way, the only limit is the imagination itself, which is proving to have no bounds. An exceptional example of this is a show, known as the World of Wearable Art which celebrates and rewards such creativity in a spectacular show every year.

Check out the amazing show that inspired me to get making – Thank you WOW!

The show season runs from mid September – October in Wellington, tickets are usually on sale from February onwards. It is sure to be a veritable feast of entertainment that you wouldn’t want to miss!

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